April 24, 2011

Media release: Communist Party of Canada Calls for Nationalization of Energy, Natural Resources

Public Ownership Basis for Sound Economic, Environmental, Social Stewardship

Campaigning in Calgary today, Communist Party leader Miguel Figueroa reiterated the CPC’s “Energy Plan for People” which calls for the public ownership and democratic control of all energy and natural resources, closure of the Alberta tar sands, emergency measures to slash greenhouse gas emissions, and massive increases in urban mass transit.

“Our world – and our country – are entering a period of grave dangers,” said Figueroa. “It’s an era of potentially devastating climate changes, widespread hunger and chaos, all linked to the unchecked growth of fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and wars to control oil reserves. In response, the Communist Party of Canada rejects market based solutions, like carbon taxes or cap and trade schemes, which essentially allow environmental degradation to be bought and sold. Instead, we propose far-sighted and radical policy changes, requiring a courageous struggle to take urgent and decisive action. In short, we call for the adoption and implementation of a People’s Energy Plan for Canada.”

The Communist Party energy platform includes emergency and long term action:

• Nationalize all energy and natural resources.

• Closure of the Alberta tar sands.

• Slash greenhouse gas emissions, phase out coal-fired plants and terminate reliance on nuclear energy, with preservation of well paying jobs.

• Invest in solar, wind and other renewable energies.

• Expand urban mass transit and eliminate fares.

The complete Communist Party election platform, including the People’s Energy Plan, is available at www.votecommunist.ca.

Miguel Figueroa is campaigning in Calgary today, with local candidate Jason Devine (Calgary East). He will be speaking from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Centre (1320 5 Avenue NW). To arrange interviews, email Jason Devine at jason@votecommunist.ca, or contact the CPC central campaign at 416-469-2446.

The Communist Party of Canada is the second oldest political party in Canada, with a long and proud history in the forefront of working class and progressive struggles for peace, jobs, democracy, sovereignty and social programs. In 2003, the CPC won a historic victory for democracy in Canada, by successfully challenging draconian changes to the Elections Act that required parties to field 50 candidates in elections or face deregistration and seizure of assets.


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