July 21, 2014

Register Now for People's Social Forum! On to Ottawa!

A very important meeting for labour and social movements is taking place from August 21-24th in Ottawa. The People’s Social Forum (PSF) expects to attract 10,000 activists from across the country and will host hundreds of workshops over a four day period. As the Forum itself says, “the PSF is an inclusive space that must be occupied by all people and activist organizations convinced that another Canada is not only possible, but above all, necessary”.

With the economic and environmental crisis raging across Canada, and Federal elections taking place next year, there is no better time for a mass meeting like this. The recent mass mobilizations of social movements (namely the Occupy movement in 2011, the Quebec Student Strike in 2012 and Idle No more in 2012-2013) the decisive drift right of the principle party of social democracy in Canada, and a renewed interest in labour militancy (as seen in the recent elections at the CLC) will no doubt be discussed in depth at the conference. 

The caucus structure of PSF organizing is designed to encourage the democratic participation of Original Peoples, youth, labour, people of colour, people with disabilities and women. The local organizing committees are working to ensure the broadest possible mobilization for the Forum in communities across Canada.

The Forum is not only an important space for dialogue (promising over 400 workshops!) but will also strive to “stimulate the emergence of concrete actions and the convergence of struggles against neo-conservatism and neo-liberalism”. Rebel Youth will be there to report on the Forum and encourage broad unity around a program that can help shift peoples' forces from the defensive towards a counter-offensive. We encourage all forces in the youth and student movement to get involved in organizing so we can make the most of this important meeting.

To register to attend: http://www.peoplessocialforum.org/register - you need access to a credit card or debit card with credit card function

If you’re in Toronto and are looking to get on a bus, please sign up as soon as possible!

We will post information from other caravans (eg, buses to Ottawa) in this article in the near future.

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