March 13, 2011

Condolences to the Victims of Natural Disaster in Japan

World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) would like to express its deepest condolences and sympathy to all those affected by the multiple earth quake following devastating Tsunami and nuclear reactor explosion happened from 10 march, 2011 in Japan.

This quake of 8.9 magnitudes is one of the biggest earthquakes in world. The earth quake was worst following with other major quakes and multiple aftershocks. Most heart-breaking phenomenon is sweeping of people and settlements with devastating seven meter high Tsunami. To add much worst case scenario is that the explosion of two nuclear power reactor killing and injuring many people and further putting into danger the life of thousands of inhabitants around the area of Fukisima. Still other four reactors are reported to be in critical position. More than 200000 people are already evacuated from this area.

Till now at least 1957 people are confirmed to lose their lives and more than 15000 people are still missing with incalculable loss of property and damage of infrastructure. As 9500 people are missing in only the city of Minamisanriku the loss of life could reach more than ten thousand. Damaged and collapsed houses could be seen everywhere with burnt fire in many places. Bad weather is adding more complication over rescue efforts.

At this time of grief of Japanese people, WFDY concerns that natural disaster so terrible and devastating should be the great concerns of common humanity to deal such tragedies.

We urge all internal communities and our member organization to stay with Japanese people to join all rescue efforts and all kind of logistic supports for those who are affected and threatened by natural and nuclear disaster in Japan. Water, food and fuel are now urgent need to be supplied.

We send our message of deepest sympathy to our member organizations, JLSY, KYLJ and DLYJ and affirm our moral supports and join their all efforts to support affected people in this hard time of disaster.

The CC Headquarter
World Federation of Democratic Youth
Budapest, Hungary
13 March 2011.

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