April 24, 2011

An Appeal for Your Support

Dear Friends,

The outcome of the May 2 election spells great danger to working people if Big Business is successful in driving the country to the right, and into the deadly clutches of a Tory majority.

Canada is still reeling from the economic crisis and recession that cost hundreds of thousands of workers their jobs, and cut the real wages, pension rights and living standards of millions more.

This country would be unrecognizable after a full term of a Harper majority carrying out the corporate agenda.

But the majority of voters do not support the Tories. If the trade unions, the anti-war forces, and all democratic movements can mobilize against the neoliberal agenda and the threat of an extreme-right government, working people can dump the Tories and block the right.

There is a hunger among working people for real and progressive change, expressed in determined public opposition to the dirty war in Afghanistan, the protests by 40,000 Canadians against the G8/G20 Summit last June in Toronto, and anger against the Harper government’s drive to shut down free speech. The public mood is for more democracy, not less; and for real change, not reaction.

The Communist Party is campaigning for a new direction that puts people’s needs ahead of corporate greed. We are contesting 20 seats across Canada to advance a “people’s alternative” that can begin to overcome the devastation wrought by neoliberal policies and governments over the past three decades. Every vote for the Communist Party is an unmistakable demand for new policies that put people before profits, and place peace, disarmament, jobs, democracy and sovereignty at the top of the agenda.

We are a small party, but we have big ideas. Ideas that the Tories and Liberals want to suppress in this campaign. Ideas that the NDP no longer talks about, such as public ownership of the energy industry, and an end to Canadian participation in imperialist wars.

Wherever Communists have been elected, past and present, they have effectively exposed and opposed the corporate agenda. We have fought for alternative policies, and worked for the broadest unity inside and outside elected office.

Our candidates are fighting for a different kind of Canada, for fundamental change to end corporate control, and open the door to socialism and working class power. For the Communist Party, another world is not only possible – it is urgent.

Unlike the “major” parties, we do not receive a penny of financial support from the state. Instead, we depend on our supporters to help raise $45,000 for our campaign – printing, travel, and other expenses. Your contribution can make a huge difference:

a $400 contribution will cost you $100 after the federal tax rebate, collected when you file your income taxes for 2011

a $300 contribution will cost you $75

a $200 contribution will cost you $50

a $100 contribution will cost you $25

We hope that we can count on you to be generous, even during these tough times for working people. Whatever you can donate, big or small, it will help the Communist Party’s fight for new policies and a new direction.

If you can volunteer, please contact your local Communist candidate, or call our central campaign office at 416-469-2446.

We have more work than we can handle, and you can help us to reach out to millions of voters with our unique message.

Please accept our appreciation for your contribution to the Communist Party’s campaign. We can’t do it without your support!

For Peace and Progress,

Miguel Figueroa,
Communist Party of Canada

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