March 8, 2011

On the International Women’s Day

Today, March 08, the peoples and youth of the world celebrate the IWD. This day, conquered with the struggle of the working women deserves from all the anti-imperialist organizations maximum attention as it represents yet another opportunity to denounce the contradictions, inequalities and inhuman character of the imperialist order.Despite the huge technological achievements and the outstanding data collected by international organizations (as the UN, UNESCO and others), the women of our world continue to be subject of even deeper exploitation and discrimination.

In fact, even in what imperialism tries to promote as “first world”, it is the official data of the European Union itself that says that women have in average salaries 18% lower than men, despite the fact that, also in average, women are ahead in terms of school and university studies.

The discrimination of women is felt through the low salaries, but also other mechanisms that seem “undercover”, as the prohibition to be pregnant or the disrespect for the motherhood/fatherhood license, which are felt by most of the women of the working class in general, but even more with the widespread of the unemployment, precarious work and the general withdrawal of rights experienced by the workers and peoples of the world, in the framework of the current crisis of the capital system.

On this day, we salute all women that struggle and particularly those in countries where cultural and religious backgrounds represent an even stronger object to women’s activism.

On this day, WFDY reaffirms its commitment with struggle for the rights of women, as we consider it is an essential aspect of our wider project of defeating imperialism in all its expressions and that is why this is a struggle of all the peoples and workers and not of the women alone.

We do not only demand equality between men and women, but an equality done at higher level, with decent salaries and the fulfillment of all mankind’s rights (employment, education, culture, sports, motherhood/fatherhood, etc.) both women and men.

Finally, on this day, we salute the Women International Democratic Federation (WIDF) and all its members, as our sister organization in the struggle against imperialism, that together we will surely defeat!

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