July 16, 2010

Broadcast Zero: Some concerns regarding this revolt (2010)

Broadcast Zero's new album, Some concerns regarding this revolt, comes just a year and a half after their amazing debut album Yesterday you could change the world. These Ontario punks dish out another dose of hard hitting, politically charged, punk rock anthems in 16 tracks.

Some concerns has a faster, angrier sound to it, while still retaining Broadcast Zero's particular sound and holding on to their catchy sing-along style. The album focuses on themes of selling-out, betrayal, the media, bigotry, political activism, and more.

Fear Culture discusses how the corporate media attempts to keep the populace in a state of constant subduing fear. The fast and loud Nowhere to Go condemns the dead end capitalist system which leads many youth to take up military service out of desperation. Personal Overload talks about the stresses and tribulations of getting by in this fucked up system. The Enemy, slows things down for a crushing polemic about oppression cloaked as freedom.

Favourite tracks include Demons, Fear Culture, Battle On, It Dies With You.

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