March 18, 2010

Debates on diversity of tactics

A reply from the old times ...

«If you tremble with indignation about any injustice, you are my comrade (...) True rebels don't wear hoods, for one more reason: During the revolution, people should be able to recognize the revolution’s avant-guard in their faces. Peoples don’t take pride in associating with hooded persons.»

Ernesto Che Guevara

Given the nature of recent debates re: diversity of tactics, below are
some specific resources for your information. While the ORN has come
together under a basis of unity that explicitly respects a diversity of
tactics (, the articles and
videos below covers a range within the debate.

* For coverage, reports, and analysis on the Convergence as awhole please
check Vancouver Media Co-op and other independent media. Also, ORN
statment celebrating success of the Convergence:



Report from Heart Attack

The National Lawyers Guild vs BC Civil Liberties:

Debate on Diversity of Tactics



Solidarity and Unity Statement:

"Criminal Element” is VANOC and IOC

Setting the Record Straight on Violent Protest and the Olympics

Assessing the Anti-Olympics Protests in Vancouver



In defense of the black bloc: A communique from Olympic resisters

Thoughts on the anonymous communiqué from members of the Black Bloc by
Andrew Loewen:

No action is sufficient in itself, black bloc or otherwise - A response to
Judy Rebick, Andrew Loewen, and others:

Breaking Windows is not a revolutionary act by Judy Rebick:

The Black Bloc and the 21st Century anti-Colonial Movement at the Olympics
-A response to Judy Rebick:

Activists Debate Vancouver Olympic Protests by Derrick O'Keefe (with
extensive debate within the comments):

Response to Derrick O'Keefe about the black bloc and Heart Attack demo:

Tactical Considerations:

Some Thoughts on Vancouver and the Black Bloc by David Rovics:

Black Blocs, ‘Violence’ and the Possibilities of Action:

Black Bloc vs. Liberal Shlock

Rhetorical Militancy for a Rhetorical Mass Movement? If Only We Could Make
Them Like Us

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