June 6, 2006

YCLUSA Convention

Dear Comrades,

I write to you from the YCL USA office in New York. The car break noises of the busy street here in Chealsea, Manhattan, are drifting through these big old windows, the heat is oppressive, rats jump over you by the subway, everywhere has the figure-print of years of working people building and re-building this city.

I'm on the 8th floor here and the office takes up several rooms. High ceiling. White walls covered with posters, newspaper clippings, photos. Upbeat. Excited. "We got the greetings from the such and such group, but its in Arabic and we can't pull it up." One day till convention kicks off. Everyone is so welcoming.

The entire building belongs to the Party. An old photo by the elevator: Black and white, the same building, 1930s, big poster: Vote Communist! Class Against Class! A few steps down is a huge pile of "PPW's." And a copy PVs sitting there too.

In sol,


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