July 30, 2009

Hanlon Creek Occupation

Hey everyone,

As some of you may know there since Monday July 27th there has been an occupation in Guelph in order to stop construction at the Hanlon Creek. Hanlon creek is about 700 acres and is one of Guelph last forest, so we need to protect this land.
Please check out this site, read the articles and check out the video. Updates are posted on the site fairly so check the site often.


Yesterday, Guelph City General Manager Peter Cartwright came up to the HCBP occupation site to deliver a notice for our eviction. The notice states that we are to be off the site by *tomorrow, July 30th, at 4pm*. The eviction notice was delivered threatening charge of trespassing. We are committed to the protection of tributary A, the old growth forest, the blue heron, and this thriving and vital ecosystem that sustains us.

We are looking for support, both on and off the site. If you are able to, we
strongly encourage and support your decision to come join us tomorrow at 4
pm. If you do not feel comfortable coming up to the encampment and
potentially facing a charge of trespassing, we encourage you to show your
support by standing at the entranceway off of Downey. If you are unable to
be on site, please show your support by calling the following people to
express that you are opposed to the eviction of people who are defending
this land and water that we all need. Please express that you disagree with
any arrests that will be made.

If you feel that calls aren't enough, try to find them in person at city

Please call:

Mayor Karen Farbridge

Hans Loewig
Chief Administrative Officer

Peter Cartwright

General Manager of Economic Development and Tourism

519-837-5600 x2820

Ward 6 Councilors
Christine Billings


Karl Wettstein

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