February 11, 2006

Recall David Emerson

Please sign this petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/RDE/petition.html

To: Government Of Canada

We the undersigned believe that David Emerson elected as a Liberal Member of Parliament for the riding of Vancouver Kingsway should be immediately recalled and a by election held so that the people of Vancouver Kingsway and in general all Canadians can be represented by the party and candidate of their choice.

David Emerson should immediately resign his current position in the Conservative Party and his cabinet position of Minister of International Trade. The people of Canada and in Particular the people of Vancouver Kingsway deserve proper democratic rights.


The Undersigned

- Comments


  1. I am pro NDP and I campaigned hard for Svend Robinson, but as a westerner I had high hopes for Stephen Harper at his swearing in. I was proud of him. Sadly for Canada and the west he squandered every gram of moral authority in one fell swoop by stealing the hard fought votes of Vancouver Kingsway. I have heard every morally twisted argument by tories from across Canada as to why it was okay to steal Emerson from the people of Vancouver Kingsway, a riding that has only gone conservative once in its history, and then in 1954, but they all ring hollow. Kick the bas*d David Emerson out and call a new election. Otherwise Haiti will look like a glowing bastion of democracy in comparison to Canada.

  2. I personally ran against Emerson in the 2005 general election and this guy is just slimy.


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