February 12, 2006


CHAVEZ vs. DOSE: Flashy Dose magazine, with it’s fluff news seems to have a hate-on … for Venezuela President Hugo Chavez. They call him “potentially most dangerous leader of a Latin American country,” and have made a special web page to sling poo at him: dose.ca/chavez.

Why is Dose so afraid of Chavez? Because he’s an expression of a movement of the Venezuela people – a movement that wants to people power, with more democracy, jobs, education, and health care. We call him one of the most inspiring people’s leaders, next to Fidel Castro. This guy has massive support from Venezuelan workers and the poor and has survived US-backed coups. Chavez’s government works with socialist Cuba, stands up to the psychopathic USA, has launched its own TV network (Telesur) to counter CNN, and is uniting Latin America as it marches into the future, away from imperialism. We think Dose magazine, owned by the creepy corporate media monopoly CanWest Global, is really afraid of democracy. Letter to the editor/owner: try pulling your head out of the sand! The workers of the world are demanding better!

Young Communist League of Canada

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  1. CanWest thinks he is the most dangerous leader in Latin America?

    He must be doing something right!


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