August 9, 2011

WFDY on riots in Britian

WFDY condemns the reckless violence and widespread criminality of recent nights, however we understand it as a direct product of the capitalist system and of the resulting dangerous lack of stability and rights for the youth of today, accompanied by disenfranchisement and exacerbated by unprecedented levels of alienation.

It is clear that the anger of the youth is derived from a number of factors including police brutality, the massive reduction in public spending on youth and other services, and a general frustration at a future with little prospects.

Furthermore, WFDY notes that the cuts in public spending have had a disproportionate impacton both the youth and ethnic minority groups. The first and main responsible for the wave of violence that now is taking place is the system under which the British people live, responsible for massive unemployment, huge rates of precarity, extremely expensiveaccess to the higher levels of education and almost impossible access to proper housing, mainly for the young generations.

It is also important to remind that it is this system that engages the British youth in wars just to satisfy the greed for profit of the big national and international monopolies. We admit these concerns along with our member organizations in Britain, especially with comrades of YCL Britain, demanding to address the root causes of unrest and violence and by supporting the genuine concernsof young people in the street and their frustration while outright rejecting their way of vandalizing, looting andcreating chaos without certain goal of socio-economic transformation.

In this extremely sensitive moment, WFDY calls upon all the young people in Britain to organize themselves and find the best ways to revolutionary transform their country, which will surely be through the overthrown of this dominant order and not through the destruction of public or private goods, for a Britain and a world of peace, solidarity and social transformation.

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