August 8, 2011

Solidarity Statement on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day

A Cuban poster for peace on display at the
17th World Festival of Youth and Students 

The World Federation of Democratic Youth would like to extend its solidarity with victims of use of Nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on this sad commemoration of 66th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day. On this sad occasion we remember that the first festival of WFDY, held in a village near Prague, highlighted two issues where there were devastated consequences of Nazi war.
The first issue was how fascism and its alliances did its barbaric acts to the people of weaker nations, different ideology and races; the second issue was on the use of nuclear bomb by the United States against the civilian people of Japan.

No logic can justify such use of nuclear weapons in the cities, or any moral war, and there is no reason such as safety and retaliation to any aggression that can justify the use of nuclear weapon against any civilians and, in the case in which the bomb was used by the USA against Japan, it is worth underlining that the country had, in fact, already surrendered and stopped hostilities.

Because of dropping these nuclear weapons in August 6th and August 11, 1945, 90000- 160000 people in Hiroshima and 60 to 80 thousand people in Nagasaki died, of which 60 percent were killed at the first flash burns. WFDY has always held a clear stance and condemned the imperialist war policy of Japan that inflicted great suffering to the people of Korea, China, and Indo-China and making an alliance with fascism; people’s resisting for their liberation and freedom in their countries always deserve victory. In fact, the war policy of Japan pushed and misused the peace loving, dedicated and patriotic common people of Japan for war and aggression against neighbours.

At the same time, we have our all respect and solidarity to the common people of Japan that they are great opponents of nuclear weapons, and defenders for any violation against their constitution of non-aggression and for the promotion of peace and harmony in the world. The third and fourth festival of WFDY highlighted the issue of nuclear weapons and their need to be abolished from the world; many times we took up serious campaigns against disarmament.

The world is stepping into the 21st century and our tragic sadness of using nuclear weapons has matured by 66 years. However, the accumulation of nuclear weapons in this world (with the capacity to destroy this world many times in every corner) is hidden, demonstrating the idiotic spending of billions of dollars while people in other world are dying from hunger, starvation and the AIDS pandemic.

Finally, we express our commitment to fight against the accumulation of nuclear weapons on this planet and to fight for the cause of disarmament in which the imperialist world order is first and foremost responsible, pushing the whole humanity into the brink of disaster. The world needs full denuclearization and disarmament, not the hypocritical measures that the USA (the only country that has actually ever used the bomb) and its imperialist allies demand from other countries (Iran, DPRK, etc.) while they keep developing aggressions and occupations and more higher technological and precise nuclear weapons. Further, we express our solidarity with the struggles carried out by our member organizations in Japan JLSY, KYLJ, DYLJ, as well as all other members of WFDY, in those fronts.

WFDY CC, Headquarters
Budapest, Hungary August 6, 2011

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