February 6, 2013

Fire Kevin Campaign hits 500+ signatures in five days

The cold hard truth, Mr. O'Leary, is
that is people's needs come before
corporate greed!
Rebel Youth magazine is very happy to announce that in five days our petition to the CBC "Fire Kevin O'Leary" has achieved over 500 signatures from like-minded people across the country.

Although a modest success by some measures in the world of social media, for a small and basically volunteer-driven publication like ours, it is a big achievement. It suggests there is probably a strong current of public opinion critical of Mr. O'Leary and what he represents.

You can sign the petition here.

Together with the signatures, people have been sharing their perspective on why Kevin should be shown the door. For us, these comments are more rewarding than the volume of signatures.

"I love CBC and listen to and watch many programs, both on the radio and on TV. However, I am very disappointed that CBC keeps Mr OLeary on their airwaves. He is arrogant, rude and belligerent. I refuse to watch any show that includes him," says one commentator.

Another person added: "This guy is so offensive and so ignorant, it disturbs me greatly that CBC is featuring him in not one but two programs. I have stopped watching CBC television because of him. He is a national embarrassment and I expect better from my public broadcaster."

These sentiments are not uncommon.

You can read more at the petition site, but we've gone through the hundreds of comments and positive feedback we have received so far and chosen one or two quotes from each part of the country.

I am proud union member who is the voice for the people who cant stand up for themselves. I wouldnt be able to stand up for people without my union because if I go against the employer as an advocate I would be fired. Unions bring working people both union and non union workers up to a decent wage. Mr OLeary need to be fired for his attack on working people and unions
Terry Archibald  VANDERHOOF, BC

Great campaign to WAKE US UP. O'Leary is not "cute" or irrelevant.
Douglas Meggison EDMONTON, ALBERTA

Kevin O'Leary does not speak for the Canadian majority. He speaks for the 1% and continues to endorse the slash and burn mentality that profit over anything including human rights. He should have no place on my television.

Chief spokesperson for the vicious agenda of "money‑over‑everything" and "greed is good. THE KEYWORD is GREED.
Working people have had their standard of living attacked and lowered over the last thirty years and Unions have been a part of that anti-worker mentality. The purpose of this? Reduce labour costs and increase profits for a few obscenely wealthy individuals and corporations. I especially resent even one cent of my tax money contributing towards paying Kevin O'Leary at CBC--a publicly funded media outlet. Get rid of him NOW! It's time to take out the trash.

Because we need less ignorance about socialism.
I had a draft to send to CBC. Your petition comes at the right time. I also hate the way he treats women on the panel and guests.
"Flambe the rich" was a button I use to wear when younger but Mr O'Leary with his rude comments etc. want me to look for it and wear it once again in his presence. This rude and ignorant union-hating bastard MUST be silenced NOW. Thank you.
Hi is an idiot and disrespectful to everyone!!!
His anti-union spiel shows a complete lack of information. he is a hate monger of groups who have strived to make the working class more comfortable and safe.

Sign the petition today! Click here.

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  1. Wow! 500 whole signatures in a country of 33 million. This is pathetic. I' m sure this will be censored by the moderator as free speech clearly isn't your thing.

  2. Well, we are at almost 1000 now (Yay!!) But yes you are quite right that the petition is small. 10,000 -- which is the pro-O'Leary facebook page -- is also small compared to one million, let alone 33 million. But this is, at this point, a battle of ideas and and expression of resistance against one of the biggest faces of austerity and capitalism these days. We are confident we will grow. As to being against censorship, well we agree with you that free speech should be valued. That's why we are running this campaign, because the corporate agenda like O'Leary is actually crushing free speech! Thanks for joining the debate, albeit anonymously.


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