October 6, 2010

Stop the blockade to Cuba!

The World Federation of Democratic Youth has received the statement published by the Communist Youth Union of Cuba (UJC) regarding the unfair and criminal blockade that for more than 50 years has been imposed to the brave Cuban people by the consecutive imperialist governments of the USA, with sole goal to defeat by starvation the Cuban Revolution - strategy that has been heroically defeated under the leadership of our dear comrade Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.The Cuban people has resisted the clashes of this hideous blockades, has suffered and suffers limitations, its economy loses millions of dollars every year, it is prevented from accessing pills for the children with cancer, in a violation of the international law by the imperialist and genocidal government of USA. It is shameful that a government with a President that was given a Nobel Prize is capable of keeping its criminal policy against Cuba.

The progressive and anti-imperialist youth of the world is now preparing for the XVII World Festival of Youth and Students, where it will express its full support to the Cuban people and its clear condemnation of the blockade and for the release of the Five Cuban Heroes.

WFDY, on behalf of all its member and friend organizations as well as the progressive youth of the world, demands to the government of USA the immediate stop of the blockade against Cuba, underlining its trust in a new victory to be surely obtained in the United Nations, as a worldwide demonstration of rejection of the blockade. We further call upon all member and friendly organizations as the whole progressive youth of the world to express in all places possible the strong rejection of the unfair and criminal blockade to the heroic Cuban people!

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