October 5, 2010

Solidarity towards Piedad Córdoba

The World Federation of Democratic has not been surprised by the announcement of the Prosecutor of Colombia against the senator Piedad Córdoba and we fully support the statement of the Communist Youth of Colombia(JUCO), which is is quoted below:

“We are not surprised by the announcement of the General Prosecutor, Alejandro Ordoñez, to sanction thesenator Piedad Córdoba by removing from the Parliament and banning for her 18 years to assume any public responsibility. In the framework of the collective schizophrenia transmitted by the media, by the delusional celebration of war and peace, a great offense against the social movements and the humanitarian agreementis done.

We want to alert all living national and international forces about this new wave of persecution. The government of Santos reveals this way its authoritarian and conflictive character, committed to continue the work of his predecessor. Before this attack, the social and popular organizations will know how to answer with protest and demonstration.

JUCO expresses all its solidarity and support to Senator Piedad Córdoba. Our organization will continue struggling for the rights of the youth, sovereignty, social justice and democratic peace. ”WFDY, preparing for the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students, expresses its total solidarity with Senator Piedad Córdoba as she is an example of struggle for peace in Colombia for the youth of the world and calls upon all its member and friend organizations to join this demand against the criminalization of the right ofopinion and search for peace.

Budapest, October 4, 2010

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