May 17, 2011

Israel kills 10 and wounds 112

Hundreds of members of the Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth participated in the “March of Return” towards the occupied Palestinian territories, on Sunday May 15, where several buses took off from Beirut and its suburbs, Sidon and Tyre and arrived at Maroun al-Ras, the village on the borderline in the south of Lebanon along with a big number of Palestinian, Lebanese protestors.

The number of participants in the march was about 30,000 Palestinians and Lebanese participants in a prominent sign of how deeply rooted is the Palestinian cause in the minds and hearts of all freedom fighters. But the Zionist occupation forces - as usual - committed a horrible massacre against the unarmed participants and met their stones with live bullets and snipers that hit them with directly and deliberately one by one. As a result 10 martyrs fell among the participants and about 112 were wounded, including Comrade Arabic Al-Andari with a bullet that hit him directly in his lower leg.

Comrade Arabic Al-Andari, former secretary-general of the Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth was immediately transferred to a hospital in Bint-Jubail and then to the American University of Beirut Medical Center where he had a surgery to remove the bullet from his foot and his health condition is now stable.

In this context, the Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth confirms its affirmative position concerning the Palestinian cause and its struggle and reassures its full commitment to it regardless of the sacrifices and despite the horrible massacres committed by criminal Israeli forces. ULDY will always direct its struggle for the freedom of Palestine as it always did.

Viva Palestine

Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth
The Executive Bureau
Beirut, May 15, 2011

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