April 28, 2011

IWD 2011 - Let’s make it another glorious day of struggle!

In the coming days the workers of all generations, particularly the young workers, will celebrate once again the International Workers’ Day (IWD) on May 1st.The IWD celebrations have been and are, more than ever, important moments of struggle of the workers of the entire world. In our days, when imperialism is unveiling in an even more clear way the irrational and unjust nature of the capitalist system, tearing apart in months achievements of decades of struggle of the workers and historical progress for mankind.

In the framework of the current international capitalist crisis, the dominating class has taken all steps to attempt to smash the rights of the workers and youth, implementing an agenda that had long before been planned and which has now the arguments and tools to implement. Particularly the young workers are suffering of this limitless attack with their rights destroyed, increasing of the already massive rates of youth unemployment, low salaries and widespread to practically all young workers of precarious contracts or with no contracts at all. All this can only be overcome through the reinforcement of the struggle and, necessarily, of the class trade union movement - essential tool of the workers and their struggles for now and for the future!

Furthermore, it is important to underline how in this context the monopolies and other big economic groups keep having millions and millions of euro and dollars of profits, which are not only huge, as they are increasing more and more, proving that the sacrifices demanded to the workers, peoples and youth are nothing but a strategy to reach the increase of profits and intensification of the exploitation.

In this context, WFDY calls upon all its member and friendly organizations to take the streets on the next IWD and, together with the class trade unions, make this day yet another glorious day of struggle that means a reinforcement of all the struggles to come until we are able to defeat these policies and imperialism itself!

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