March 12, 2011

Solidarity towards Puerto Rico!

The World Federation of Democratic Youth expresses its full support to the students and people of Puerto Rico, in the framework of the international solidarity day celebrated today (March 11), following the events of March 11, 1961, a day of tragical events, described “as one of the most bloody in the history of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR).”We have supported and followed with much attention the strike that began on April 21 in Rio de Piedra and 10 other universities, actions put forward under the motto “the UPR does not surrender”, that opposes the cut back of budget for the university that would lead to the elimination of social mechanisms of support and to the intention of privatization of the UPR, as well as to the new tuition fee imposed by the government of 800 USD. These demonstrations have been strongly repressed by the police and in some occasions some students found themselves even being target of sexual abuses.

The progressive and anti-imperialist youth of the world will continue support the cause of the people of Puerto Rico as it keeps being a neo colony of the US imperialist administration. This support was underlined in the XVII WFYS, held in South Africa, where we committed to continue struggle until the day of freedom arrives for this people.

WFDY, on behalf of its member and friendly organizations and progressive youth of the world, expresses its total solidarity with university students and calls upon the young progressive people of the world to express its solidarity towards the university and people of Puerto Rico in its struggle to free itself from the yankee imperialism on this March 11.

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