March 28, 2011

On the attacks against the CPBM

The World Federation of Democratic Youth observes the intensification of anti-communist acts that are presently in an increased way directed against the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (CPBM). That came to light during the parliamentary hearing about the draft of a law on the so called anti-communist resistance, it means a violent resistance against the socialist system in Czechoslovakia in years 1948 - 1989 and was expressed with the subsequent political and media manhunt against the CPBM members of parliament Marta Semelova and Miroslav Grebenicek. There are even threats of banning the CPBM and government authorities’ investigation is under way.

The right wing government formed in 2010 has used its parliamentary majority to pass anti-social laws in favor of the capitalists against the interests of the working people, including even middle strata employees. To detract attention from these anti-social policies an anti-communist campaign is being waged with direct engagement of some MPs, senators and anti-communist civic associations as the “Confederation of political prisoners”, as well as directly the government and especially the Ministry of Interior.

It is a set of measures starting with the debate on the mentioned draft on the anti-socialist resistance that puts the adversaries of the socialist regime on the same level with the anti-fascist fighters, that celebrates the terrorists who murdered innocent citizens, robbed and caused damage to the national economy. Another step debated by the government is the lowering of the pensions of the former functionaries of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia in order to gain finance to increase the pensions of the anti-socialist resistance members. The last step so far has been a creation of a special team of the Ministry of Interior to collect source materials to be used for the legal proceedings of the Supreme Administrative Court on the dissolution - ban of the CPBM. This is an attempt to ban a party that is a part of the political system of the Czech Republic, that observes the Constitution, the Charter of fundamental rights and basic freedoms and the laws of the Czech Republic and that receives support of approximately 12% of the voters with orderly elected representatives from municipal and regional to national and European parliamentary level.

As far as the anti-socialist resistance law is considered, it is based on ideological adoration of anti-communist terror, murders and neglecting of the victims and consequences of this violence and has an inciter effect in relation to present and future. The representatives of the anti-socialist resistance committed violent crimes against citizens and representatives of a sovereign internationally recognized state like it was the case of a terrorist Masin brothers gang who committed murders of the functionaries of the national councils, agricultural co-operatives, members of armed corpses and hijacked means of transport taking hostages and violent robberies. The anti-socialist resistance draft of law is a part of ideologically purposeful historical revisionism.

During the parliamentary hearing even the right to free opinion and expression was denied when the speeches of MPs of the CPBM Marta Semelova and Miroslav Grebenicek were rudely disturbed by the right-wing MPs with effort to make them impossible to finish their speeches, with calls addressing the Minister of Interior to prepare the ban of the CPBM and even with calls of the Municipal council of the capital city of Prague to Marta Semelova to resign from her mandate in this body which she won in elections with a significant voters’ support.

WFDY denounces and protests against the anti-communist attacks against the CPBM and its representatives, as well as against the so called anti-socialist resistance draft of law and express its concern with the endangering of fundamental human rights and democratic freedoms in the Czech Republic.

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