March 22, 2011

Europe and North America members of WFDY gather in Wien!

Last weekend, March 12, the Regional Commission of Europe and North America of WFDY gathered in Wien (Austria). This meeting had the presence of 16 organizations from 13 different countries.

The meeting was a significant opportunity for WFDY members to interexchange experiences of the struggles developped in each country against imperialism and for the rights of the youth, as well on the intense activity taken forward by each of WFDY members.

It was also an opportunity to debate and make a collective evaluation on the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students, which was considered a great success, both for its intense and rich preparatory process, as well as for the days in South Africa themselves.

Furthermore, the meeting allowed all organizations to coordinate common actions, with special highlight to the fact action decided for March 24 to remember the imperialist attack against Yugoslavia (11 years ago) and take to the streets the rejection of any sort of imperialist intervention in Libya.

Finally, this occasion was also an opportunity for an open meeting with KJO members and for a seminar about the consequences of the overthrown of Soviet Union (occured 20 years ago), as well as for a visit to the “Red Wien”, where participants could learn about the historical struggle of the Austrian working class.

The next CENA meeting will take place in Germany, hosted by SDAJ, in July.

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