February 18, 2011

Solidarity with the Uprising of the Bahraini People

Solidarity with the Uprising of the Bahraini People
The last few days witnessed a wide movement of protest and demonstration in Bahrain
demanding for democratic political reform towards a constitutional democratic state. This has
been a historical demand for the progressive forces of Bahrain and now many people are
rallying around it.
Tens of thousands went into the streets demanding for their inalienable political, rights which
is very significant in a country of a population of half-million. The movement appears to be
united and strong giving hopes for possible successes in favor of the people.
However, the regime of the king is resorting to its traditional criminal tools of repression
including the direct shooting of several demonstrators and following others back to their
houses and arresting their families. The regime is also trying to fuel sectarian divisions in a
country of religious diversity in order to divide the movement. The acts of the police are
being very brutal and this led to at least 7 martyrs among the demonstrators and hundreds of
injured people.
In this regard, we find important and urgent that we express our solidarity with the youth and
people of Bahrain and ask for pressure on their regime through statements and letters
addressed to their embassies and consulates abroad condemning the practices of oppression
and repression in the country, in addition to protests wherever it is possible in front of the
diplomatic missions of Bahrain to ask them to listen to the people’s voice and demands.
WFDY praises the progressive movement of Bahrain and ask for deeper solidarity with it and
strongly condemns the practices of the regime. WFDY also expresses its worries for the
safety and for the lives of the demonstrators.
Long Live the progressive movement of Bahrain
Long live the struggle

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