January 20, 2011

Rally in Support of Democracy in Tunisia

Rally in Support of Democracy in Tunisia
Saturday Jan 22 @ 1:00p
Vancouver Public Library, Robson Side (Robson @ Homer)

Members of the local Tunisian community will be joined by allies and supporters of democracy in Tunisia at a rally this Saturday, January 22, 1pm outside the central branch of the Vancouver Public Library (Robson Street at Homer).

“We will be joining members of the Tunisian Diaspora and other supporters in rallying to support the movement for democracy in Tunisia which has inspired the whole world,” said Dr. Younes Alila, a UBC Professor.

The dictator Ben Ali fled Tunisia last week after sustained mass protests against his decades-long rule. Ben Ali’s family has Canadian connections and investments. In Montreal, rallies have been held outside his son-in-law’s mansion.

“We demand that the Canadian government support democracy in Tunisia, and we are very disappointed that the Canadian government has remained silent throughout weeks of protest, in which nearly 100 innocent people were killed by the dictatorship’s forces of repression,” said Dr. Younes Alila. “If members of Ben Ali’s regime and family seek refuge in Canada, they must be brought to justice for their crimes against the people of Tunisia,” added Alila.

“We must be vigilant to ensure that the interim government meets its promises implement political democracy and to allow elementary human rights like freedom of expression and assembly,” said Dr. Alila.

Members of the local Tunisian community will be joined at Saturday’s rally by members of local peace and human rights organizations.

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