June 22, 2010

New escalation in the capitalist offensive against the working class of Greece

From: Communist Party of Greece, Monday, 21 June 2010

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The new attack against the working class must not pass!

PAME calls on all workers to rise up and to go on strike on 23rd June

With the Presidential Decree promulgated by the ministry of Labour on
Wednesday, the government creates the most barbarous jungle in the
working relations. It seeks to deliver a decisive blow on the workers’
rights. It implements the respective regulations of the memorandum
that were promoted by the government, the EU and the IMF.

According to these measures:

* Collective labour agreements are abolished.
* Minimum wages are drastically reduced, especially for the young people.
* Redundancy pays are drastically reduced by 50%.
* Minimum wage is abolished for young people up to 25 years.
* Young people up to 21 years will receive 80% of the corresponding
collective agreement or the National Collective Labour Agreement.
* Young people between 21 and 25 years will receive the 85% of the
minimum wages.
* The current minimum wage according to the collective labour
agreement (740 euro) falls to 592 euro gross which means that a young
employee will earn 470 Euros net and a day wage of 21 euro!
* The regulations for the trainees entail two-year cuts of 500 Euros
on their already low wages.
* Mass dismissals are promoted more decisively by law, as the current
redundancy threshold (2% per month), which applies for enterprises
employing more than 200 employees, increases to 5% and applies for
enterprises employing more than 150 employees while in enterprises
with less than 20 employees it does not exist at all.
* Redundancy pays are reduced by 50% (from 24 wages to 12).

At the same time, the government, the EU and the IMF demolish the
rights of the people to social security and pensions, abolishing
pensions and replacing them by an allowance and forcing the people to
work after the age of 65. In addition, they cut and commercialize

KKE: the working people must realize the depth of the attack

KKE responded immediately to these measures. The General Secretary of
the CC of KKE , Aleka Papariga gave a press conference on these
developments and stressed:

“The high public debt was not created by the employees and the people
but by the high profitability, the huge state subsidies, the
privileges and the tax breaks of the business groups. The business
groups are the plunderers. Nowadays, they are the creditors of the
Greek government. They participated in the elaboration of the
grotesque anti-people memorandum. The Greek people must not recognize
and respect neither the debt nor the memorandum.

We ask the government and the Prime Minister personally what the tens
of thousands of workers’ families should do, when they will not be
able to pay the bills, the tolls, the taxes, when they will not be
able buy the necessary food for their families. What will the
government do, will it send them all to prison?

The people must declare war to the war of the government of PASOK, the
plutocracy, the EU and the IMF that is constantly intensified. The
working people are transformed into armies of hungry people.

The Presidential Decree on the working relations demonstrates that the
government and its allies are literally unhesitating. They are the
gravediggers of peoples’ remaining gains. They impose a lifelong
Dachau regime. People are condemned to live and work from the age of
15 till their old age for a single purpose: to feed the capitalist
Minotaur. The measures for the working relations and the social
security system they promote condemn the working people to work for a
minimum wage, pension and healthcare.

There is a deregulation of the dismissals threshold, a drastic
reduction of redundancy pays, a legalization allowing unregistered
employment for the young people, who are led to the slavery of
traineeship with a starvation wage of 592 € gross- 470 € net!

The dismantlement of the social security system, the drastic increase
of retirement ages for all and even more so for the working women and
the drastic reduction of pensions condemns workers to work 40 years in
succession in order to receive a welfare allowance instead of a
pension. These measures actually abolish pensions and impose drastic
cuts on healthcare services.

The working people and their children are condemned to a nightmarish
insecurity, to a lifelong hard struggle for survival.

Workers need to realize the depth and ferocity of the offensive
against their class. The government, LAOS that strongly supports it,
ND that consents, aim to serve the interests and needs of the big
capital. Their goal is to make workers pay for the consequences of the
capitalist crisis, for which they bear no responsibility, and to
ensure the future high profits and the strengthening of the Greek
capital. They abolish the remaining gains of the workers in order to
breathe life into the terminally ill capitalist mode of production.
Capitalism is obsolete, rotten and parasitic. It cannot overcome its
inherent contradictions, and therefore becomes more aggressive towards
the working class, the self-employed, small and medium entrepreneurs.

The workers’ and youth’s duty towards their present and future is not
to surrender to the government, the bourgeois parties and the
mechanisms of the bourgeoisie. Now, they must resolutely, stubbornly
and in an organised manner resist the barbaric capitalist measures.
Advocate for their rights and go to the offensive.

KKE calls upon the working class, youth, women, pensioners and the
poor peasants to rally their forces in a united decisive battle. We
must prevent these measures and overthrow the anti-people policy and
its carriers. We must begin our own struggle so as to overthrow the
power of monopolies. Stop deceiving us, capitalist development only
leads to hardships and suffering, to wild exploitation of youth and to
abandonment of the elderly.

A united front of struggle for a path of development serving the
people's needs rather than the profitability of the monopolies is
needed. In this way, the working class and the people will gain their
modern rights to life”

PAME calls for a 24-hour Nationwide General Strike

The working class, people are not responsible for the debt. PAME (All
workers’ militant front) calls for a mass militant Nationwide General
Strike on 23 June. It urges workers to abandon the conciliatory trade
union leaderships of GSEE and ADEDY (confederations of private and
public sectors respectively) who shamelessly stated about the
government measures that: “At places where these measures were
introduced, competitiveness has not risen, food prices have not
fallen, the number of jobs has not risen"!!! They merely described the
decree as “unconstitutional and unacceptable”.

On the contrary, PAME has issued a class oriented statement: “23 June
will be a massive, decisive, militant response. Everybody go on
strike. We can stop them. Trade unions must organise the struggle in
workplaces. The workers of each and every company must take part in
the strike in order to respond successfully to the crime against the
rights of the working class”.

On Thursday, 17 June, meetings were held in all major cities of the
country. An initial response was given. The demands of the workers

* Cancel laws against social insurance.

* Immediately sign the national collective agreement and branch
collective agreements providing for substantial increase in wages.

* “No” to the elimination of redundancy pay.

* “No” to layoffs.

* Protection of the unemployed, unemployment benefits amounting
to 1.120 Euros.

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