June 26, 2010

Join Tent City in Toronto


For the past five days, thousands of people have converged in Toronto
to expose and challenge the deadly policies of the G8 and the G20. No
One Is Illegal, a grassroots anti-colonial migrant justice group
across Kanada with members primarily of racialized/immigrant
backgrounds, has been there! We have fought to create a world free of
the many fences and borders that divide us, and to create communities
that can live with justice and dignity.

On June 22nd, we joined our allies in the gender justice and queer
liberation movements in their fierce and creative actions grounded in
the daily lived experiences of women, queer, and trans folks to
overcome marginalization. On June 23rd, we gathered with environmental
justice activists who exposed institutions and corporations
responsible for the environmental and social impacts of Canada's
extractive industries at home and abroad. On June 24th, we stood
alongside Indigenous defenders who struggle across Turtle Island
against centuries of colonial and genocidal policies that have caused
impoverishment, forced assimilation of distinct cultures, and theft of
land and resources.

And on June 25th, we marched alongside community groups who organize
daily against the indignities and dehumanization of poverty,
discrimination, lack of inclusive services, wage-slave working
conditions, repressive immigration policies, gentrification,
environmental degradation, and police brutality. Joining struggles
against homelessness and displacement, we marched across the city of
Toronto and concluded by establishing a Tent City at Allen Gardens
Park (Carleton & Sherbourne) that will be running for the entire night
into Saturday morning. Please drop in at any time of the night to show
solidarity and support for this historic act of reclamation.

After wrapping up Tent City on June 26th, our ‘No Borders, No Fences’
contingent will rally at Queen’s Park at 1pm alongside anti war
activists demanding an end to Canadian complicity in imperialist
occupations from Afghanistan to Haiti. We will be marching with
working people to oppose patriarchy, racism privatization, cuts to
services, and exploitation of (im)migrant workers; to demand living
wages, workers control, and status for all; and to make clear that the
violence of capitalism cannot be reformed, but only abolished. We will
also rise alongside anti-capitalists and radical labour activists who
are committed to confronting the police state and the billion dollar
security apparatus that the G20 finance ministers and corporations
hide behind. Just as resistance against the border walls from
Palestine to Mexico cannot be contained, our love and rage for
liberation cannot be contained. We call on all our friends, allies and
supporters to march with us on Saturday to oppose the G20 and to let
them know that we are many, they are few.

See you on the streets!

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