June 26, 2010


Dear friends,

This Canada Day, while the rest of us will be paying higher taxes on
home heating, electricity bills, and more, big business will be
starting to enjoy one of the world's lowest corporate tax rates.

Join us for 45 minutes as we deliver a giant invoice to the Ontario
Minister of Finance, Dwight Duncan, at 11.45am on Wed. June 30 to
demand the government return the $2.4 billion a year in tax breaks to
big business, scheduled to come in on July 1, 2010.

The McGuinty government cries poor when it threaten to sell off our

profitable public assets, like Ontario Hydro. The government also

throws its hands in the air when we ask for funding to tackle

climate change, improve public transit, reduce hospital wait times, or
keep our schools open.

Yet the government has buckets of money when corporations come asking

for tax cuts. Even businesses that move jobs offshore get the tax break.

Both the provincial and federal governments are rolling in deeper
corporate tax cuts over the next three to five years. At the same
time, they want us to tighten our belts and weather massive cuts to
public services.

It is critical that we build public momentum to reverse this trend and
ensure we can afford good jobs and public services for all.

It is our money, and we want it back.

Wed. June 30, 11.45am
7 Queens Park Crescent
(North east corner of College and University)
Contact Jessica Bell at jbell@labourcouncil.ca 416 937 0076 for

more information.

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