June 13, 2010

Announcement of the KNE regarding anti-Communism in Poland

On June 8th 2010, the forces of KNE and KKE organized a massive militant demonstration at the Embassy of Poland in Athens. We protested against the anticommunist evolutions in Poland and made it clear towards the Polish and Greek authorities that the struggle against anticommunism, the massive wave of solidarity to the Communist Youth of Poland, to the Polish communists will strengthen every day, we will continue our struggle until the ban of the communist symbols in Poland is revoked.

After the Baltic countries, Hungary and the Czech Republic now it is turn for another country-member of the EU to ban the sickle and hammer and the red star, that symbolize the struggle against capitalist exploitation. They utilize all the means that their system of power provides, the European Parliament, the Organization for Security and Collaboration of Europe, the National Courts and Ministries, to launch a war of strain against the communists, the vanguard of the working class in each country.

Once again it is proved that anticommunism has one goal: to push the communists, Communist Parties and Youth Organizations, in changing their goal, the overthrow of capitalism and the perspective of Socialism, as the only response to the growing needs of the peoples today. Their objective is, especially in the former socialist countries, to uproot the successes of socialism by every means from the consciousness of the peoples. They want to make the peoples forget the sacrifice of millions of communists in the war against nazism-fascism, in the routing of fascism in the 2nd World War. They want us to forget the achievements that the workers had, with the communists as their vanguard, in every aspect of their lives; the working day of 8 hours, free education and healthcare, social security, and all the other achievements, due to the international impact of Socialism in the USSR and the other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Achievements that today are taken back one after the other by the anti-popular politics that serve the profits of the monopoly enterprises in a desperate need to overcome the capitalist crisis.

We remain committed to the struggle for socialism-communism, as it is the only system where the working class and the peoples of the world can fulfill their needs, where all the nations and countries can live peacefully and in collaboration. Especially nowadays the international economic crisis of capitalism reveals the historic limits of this socio-economic system and the magnitude of its decay. It reveals the necessity of the revolutionary overcome of capitalism, and its replacement with another socio-economic system that will have in its epicenter the needs and rights of the peoples; namely, socialism-communism.

KNE expresses its full solidarity with the Communist Youth of Poland and with all Polish communists and affirms that will strengthen the struggle against anti-communism and the slandering and distortion of socialism, to reinforce our anti-imperialist struggle and the international cooperation between the communist and progressive anti-imperialist youth organizations, in order to respond to the new imperialist aggression against the working class and the youth



The Committee of International Relations

of the CC of KNE

June 10th 2010
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  1. CYP is known right now as a Progressive Youth of Poland.
    We have been established as a transformation from CYP.

    Workers greetings!
    collective of PYP.


  2. I really can't belive that there really are people in this world that dare saying, that communism had positive impact on Poland. Wake up guys! Under Soviet Ocupation in 1939-41 Poles were killed and enslaved much faster than in the German zone, that was hell indeed. You want to show your solidarity with Poles? Lear polish history firsth, you ignorants.
    Go to Cupa, North Korea or other "Paradise" instead of showing your stupidity on public!

  3. Geeze Pawel, Poles were killed faster by the Soviets than the Nazis? Lets just forget the tens of thousands of jews deported for Poland to death camps... whose side are you really on? Maybe you should learn history "firsth" or go visit "Cupa."


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