February 1, 2010

Canadian Punk Rock for Haiti!

While the Canadian government has played a shameful role in Haiti in recent years, many people across Canada have expressed their friendship through campaigns of solidarity against the 2004 military coup, the occupation of the country and so on.

In the wake of the earthquake which hit Haiti in January, killing an estimate 200,000, many more have expressed their solidarity and given to help provide relief to the Haitian people. This solidarity has taken on many shapes - including punk rock!

Newfoundland punk rockers, the Class War Kids, have released a new EP to raise funds for Haiti. The four song EP titled "Twinkles Last Stand" is available electronically only and is by donation.

Having released the album electronically the band has been able to ensure that all funds raised can go towards helping Haiti through an organization called Batay Ouvriye Haiti Solidarity Network

Click here for more information or to download
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  1. went to st. john's and saw these guys. they are young and promising.


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