December 10, 2009

NO to the persecution of communists in Poland!

WFDY has received with great concern the news of the ban of the communist symbols (hammer and sickle and red star) in Poland, by initiative of the Polish Government.

This measure, approved and promoted by all European Union structures, is a new evidence of the anti-communist cruzade that the imperialist forces have embraced as their mission, with similar results in different Eastern European countries.

The persecution of communists and communist organizations is one of grim faces of imperialism. Beyond the empty and rethorical speeches about “freedom” and “democracy” the imperialist structures and governments’ actions clearly show that imperialism cannot cope with the possibility of others thinking differently.

In a framework in which the historical limits of capitalism were so clear to the peoples and youth of the world, following the international crisis of capitalism, there is no other way for the imperialist structures than banning and persecuting all those who struggle against its domination.

It is a dark coincidence that such act took place in the exact same week when, against the will of the peoples, the European Union and the governments of its member states impose the so called Lisbon Treaty (declaring its implementation from December 1) and when NATO decides to increase its military presence occupying Afghanistan, also in name of “freedom” and “democracy”.

As before, WFDY reaffirms that this is not a matter that concerns communists only, as it is part of an anti-democratic strategy that aims a gradual attack to all levels of democratic freedoms.

Therefore, WFDY calls upon all its member and friend organizations to join its solidarity message to the Polish communists and take action to denounce among the youth of the world this ongoing attack and organize actions to demonstrate its condemnation of this anti-democratic measure.

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