August 11, 2009

UFCW vs. the Wal-Monster: free speech

Dear Friends:

The campaign to stop Walmart’s attack of freedom speech is taking the internet by storm and capturing the attention of some of the world’s most trusted news sources, like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Huffington Post.

But here’s the best part: since Walmart went to the Quebec Supreme Court for an injunction against, and since UFCW Canada launched its campaign to stop the world’s largest corporation from dictating the message of a website dedicated to helping workers know their rights, traffic to has increased in a huge way!

Walmart knows. It’s scrambling to defend its attack on free speech and it’s keeping a very close eye on . (Yes, we know you’re watching Walmart!)

Free speech and workers rights are worth fighting for. Thanks to your help, we won the first round, but we need your continued support to go the distance.

Together, we can beat the giant! Please send this message through your email network. Supporters of free speech can make a real difference by going to and sending a protest letter to Walmart. It only takes a few seconds and it sends a strong message that can’t be ignored – just ask Walmart ;)

So, let’s keep the momentum going! Let’s keep the internet free! And let’s combine our networks for something that matters!



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