August 11, 2009

CEO's sleazy anti-strike placard: “Sick Pay? Pay Increase? How about no pay?”

Bay Street CEO organizes anti-union protest
by "Mick"

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On Tuesday July 14 Deputy Premier, or according to him “Citizen”, George Smitherman launched “One Toronto” a website networking volunteer scabs to pick up garbage in Toronto in the midst of a 4 week long strike by the civic workers unions CUPE 416 and 79.

Posing for media photos with a broom in hand, Smitherman had the bald faced audacity to claim that he wasn't taking sides in the strike but rather ““We’re taking one side and one side only — the side of clean streets in our city,”

Smitherman knows he can't come out and say he's organizing brigades of volunteer scabs to further his political career but that's exactly what he's doing.

Not to be outdone or perhaps inspired by Smitherman's scabs, Bay Street CEO Kathy Gregory, head of Paradigm Quest Inc a multi-million dollar mortgage underwriting and servicing company, “organized” a pathetic lunch hour confrontation between a gaggle of Paradigm employees and CUPE workers at City Hall on July 15th.

Marching with professionally made signs reading such pearls of wisdom as “Sick Pay? Pay Increase? How about no pay?” which can only leave you wondering how Gregory must treat workers that she actually employs!

Why, with such progressive attitudes towards workers by the CEO, one can only assume that all the workers who attended must really be participating totally free and uncoerced. I'm sure that if they really wanted to they could have refused to join her protest and told their boss that they're pro-union without the fear of any repercussions.

If you believe that, then let me tell you about a bridge to the island airport that I have for sale.

As pathetic and scheming as Gregory and Smitherman's antics are, one can't help but take warning that at least a small section of Toronto's big business and political elite are showing a readiness to revert to a very dirty history of so-called “Citizen Committees” that terrorized workers and trade unionists at the beginning of the 20th century.
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  1. The counter-protest would have been hilarious if it weren't so sad. All these people standing with mass-produced signs shouting down trade unionists who are fighting so that workers don't have to be corralled into protesting against their own interests on their lunch breaks.


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