July 23, 2009

write for REBEL YOUTH today!

Want to tell your story? Something good or bad to report? Some funny or weird incident went down at your workplace? Tell us.

Rebel Youth's Manitoba bureau is asking for submissions for our online blog and print magazine.

Write? How do I write for RY? Easy, just type away on your keyboard at home or at the local library. If your always on the move and hate computer stations, we can also take handwritten submission via the post office. Address is below.

Here are helpful guidelines for a writer:

- Rebel Youth is a youth oriented magazine with a working class perspective, so needless to say your article should be focused on a youth orientation and a left point of view. So an academic paper on old age security, however excellent it may be, would not fit well on a page in Rebel Youth*. But don't let that discourage you. Deciding on what would interest youth is open to interpretation and we are very loose when it come to the rules on what is relevant to youth.

- We are interested in working class cultural stuff as much as we are in current affairs, and reports on youth actions. So if you know of either a local artist or music act, or have seen a big Hollywood movie through the eyes of a working class youth, let us know of it.

- Suck at writing? send us a rant or rave or go around with a old tape recorder and do interviews or descriptive audio. We can transcribe it when we receive a tape in the mail or we can make a podcast out of many of these tapes. Are you good at drawing or photography? Send us your work.

please note that other RY bureaus have their own guidelines and writing standards as they are responsible for other areas of coverage, so something that may not fit this call for submissions (i.e. academic style articles) will be just the thing for another bureau.

* such a subject and style of article would fit better in the Communist Party's theoretical journal, Spark.

these can be small from a paragraph or two, up to entire full length articles up to 2 or 3 pages. We are looking for first person narratives in particular versus essays of opinion.

  • how crappy is your summer job? (examples: why? is your boss an a-hole? is it un-safe? are you short changed on your pay stubs? )

  • how I got laid off. ( were you disapointed? scared of the future ? or just glad to get the hell out of there? Was the supervisor genuine in their sympathy or just an insensitive prick who showef you the door? What reason did they give? What was the real reason? what did your shopmates say? Any reactions?)

  • my parents are jobless and in financial crisis. ( how does it affect you and your family? Has their point of view on the economy, the capitalist system and corporate politicians changed? )

  • The endless job hunt: interviews that went horribly wrong, the lies I put on my resume so I can land a job.
  • growing up aboriginal: facing racism, the school system, and struggles.
  • tales from high school: puppet student councils; media and peer pressure to fit in with respect to latest fads, clothing and consumer goods; is your teacher right wing? (give examples ) ; army recruiter presentation at your school; a student union in your high school.
  • My parents are right wing and don't like my left-wing views.

    topics on the back burner:
  • I'm a homeless youth.
  • growing up in poverty.
  • my trip to the food bank. my school/ pool/library closed down.
  • fighting with neo-Nazi skinheads.

and we always like interviews, interview your friends!

send your articles and photo files to:

rymanitoba AT ymail DAWT CALM

by post office:

Rebel Youth Magazine, MB bureau
387 Selkirk Ave.
Winnipeg, MB
R2W 2M3

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