June 17, 2009

Solidarity with the Cuban 5!

The World Federation of Democratic Youth has received the news about the decision of the Supreme Court of the USA of not accepting to review the case of the Five Cuban Heroes that remain unfairly imprisoned in the USA prisons.

Despite having received the important support of many personalities of the world and all the progressive youth that struggles to build a better world, it is known that the imperialist government of Obama has put an action in a court for it not accept the case, which shows once again its hypocrisy towards Cuba.

The heroic struggle of the Cuban people, that has cost the life to more than 3000 of its children, victims of the terrorism supported by the USA, over more than 50 years of heroic struggles driven by the Cuban people to protect itself from the terrorist actions is the essence of this case, which is once again created by the imperialist Government of USA, who keeps trying to overthrow the heroic people of Cuba by condemning the Five Cuban Heroes, proving the deep political content of all decisions regarding Cuba.

WFDY condemns this unfair decision taken by the Supreme Court of USA, that has been under pressure of the imperialist government of that country and considers this decision a complete hypocrisy to the American justice, and demands to the Government of USA to stop the pressures
over this case that became political, because it has put over the Cuban Five Heroes all the hate of the challenge that Cuba represented over the last 50 years and that will never be destroyed.

WFDY calls upon its member and friend organizations to demonstrate in front of all American embassies and take action to denounce this injustice.

Budapest, June 16, 2009

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