June 7, 2009

NFB film: Bethune

The National Film Board of Canada (well, what's left of it anyway)
has started a new website, nfb.ca that showcases its back catalog of films in the you tube format.

The following film is among many to be found on the site.

Titled "Bethune" it covers the life of the famous lung surgeon and communist. It is a Donald Brittain film, from 1964 and has a run time of 58min 38 sec.

It should be noted that in the CSIS/RCMP security service files on Bethune is a report of Bethune's presentation in Winnipeg's Starland theatre (torn down late last year). Bethune was doing a fund raising tour for his blood transfusion service in Spain. The site of the theatre is now an office complex for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

As much as Bethune fought for socialised medicine in the 1930s, doctors still fight for its survival today.

Mao wrote of Bethune in a famous essay

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