May 19, 2009

Anti-capitalist country music

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  1. we need to put the red back in redneck!

  2. Brothers & sisters, stand up & unite for this is a war in which we all need to fight, to battle the aggressors for a peace to bind and for the future safety of mankind.
    we have pleaded until our knees have bleed'd, we have cried out 'No more for the corporates pursuit of war!"
    A pursuit of war, through economic thuggery, lies, back stabbing & political buggery.
    We must unite at all costs and tear down the 'WALL' the DOW, the Lloyds, and all the other blood drenched counting houses.

    It is your duty not just for yourself or your brother/sister but for all mankind,

    Enough is enough the time for words has past, action is now!

    'Demand legal proceedings against the governments for their lack of spine to stand up for the people, for it is those very people who elect the *ucking government, make/support the country.

    America has returned to 'Wrath' it has failed it's citizens in favour of the money lenders & loan sharks and it's president is the greatest betrayal in human history who gives new meaning to the name "Uncle Sam" (shame on him!)

  3. "Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author."

    A spade is a spade, as a lie is a lie.
    A tooth for tooth and an eye for an eye.

    What has and is being taken from the good people is beyond measurement.
    Why must we cower on the floor is it not better to die standing, voicing your opinions and fighting for what you /your brothers/sisters believe in than to life under the jack boots of oppression.

    The qualification to run the country in the best interest of the people has been compromised.
    the people have been de-prioritized in favour of profit and share equities.

    We are allowing our fellow men/women/children to be butchered and just stand there and do nothing to help them or their suffering,

    what if the shoe was on the other foot for one day soon it just may well be!


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