March 28, 2009

Website review: Modern Mechanix

The website Modern Mechanix is nothing more than a collection of posts of interesting articles and advertisments from old magazines.

Sounds boring? Maybe. But generations between the original publication dates and today, these posts are entertaining, showing all that is bad with capitalism and corporate media.

Most of the posts come from Atomic age, Cold War, Roaring Twenties, and the Dirty Thirties. Each era has is unique traits, for example the depression era has plenty of items on thrift and get rich quick ideas, this is sure to be funny to those with a critical left wing view. The author of the site sure views it that way most of the time. Being published in an imperialist country, new research in war is often featured. A look at such ideas (mirrors for example) show how much resources can be wasted compared to more direct research in everyday needs of the real world.

here are a number of highlights of the blog:

Bad advertising, who needs Ad Busters?

Articles of interest

right: toy figures make war look like child's play
in this ad for a defence contractor.

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