February 3, 2009

Video review-imperialism series 1-cola

I didn't know that "sugar is a highly nutritious food"! This video is a good example of why corporations need to stay out of the classroom.

This is a fine example of Imperialism. Coca-Cola presents the Philippines as if it were a colonial possession and a market full of cola drinkers. The industrial processes are of interest. However that is not the main interest to this film. It is the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a Coca-Cola shareholder or board member. Packed with half truths and outright lies, this travelogue is actually funny to watch. Those workers just look so happy! Of course the anti-union death squads that are major parts of Coca-Cola's history are not mentioned.

Films such as this one were weapons used in the battle of ideas during the Cold War, promoting Capitalism, and by extension, consumerism. These days films such as this one have come to haunt those who have made them.

Boycott Coca-Cola. You can learn more at the Killer Coke website

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