January 24, 2009

Video review

UPDATE! Jan 2010---

A new video was posted to You Tube. Not bad but I like "The Harper Dictatorship" better.

Now that the federal budget is coming up this week when the House of Commons finally meets I'll talk about this video:

click here if it runs poorly

Now, Hitler and Harper comparisons may be a little much even for communists, but if you look further this is part of a larger phenomenon. The video explains:

I watched the movie Downfall during a matinee one weekend, and I never thought that such a dark movie could find it's way onto You Tube as a funny fad. Here is the original version of the clip. There are many of these clips, in this one below, Hitler explains capitalist greed. (wow I never thought I'd write or say those words together!)

It is interesting to note that this fad has both right and left elements. Unfortunately many clips are racist, sexist, and homophobic in various degrees. I'll admit some of these are funny but a line needs to be drawn somewhere (funny bigotry is still bigotry) and some clips overtly attack various groups while being thinly disguised as comedy. You'll see what I mean if you look further on the web.

The downfall clips are really an interesting grey area for a few reasons. They deal with a taboo subject (Hitler) and make use of comedy to get away with various messages. This can cut both ways. The Left has used it to (rightfully) show Harper's 'control freak' methods and the danger he represents for Canada. Racists on the right can use it to attack various minority groups by hiding behind one of the biggest racists of all, Adolf Hitler. I imagine that the right can use this clip in a creative way to attack left wing ideas in general.

Some clips seem to come across as guerilla advertising, saying Hitler wants this or that food, or product, throwing tantrums if he cannot get them. But the fact is anyone who has access to the technology,can make their version to upload. Whether it is funny or not or right or left is up to the whims of the person.

some highlights:
Hitler has computer problems

I shouldn't have burned all those books

Hitler's address leaked on British Nazi list

He wants fast food

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