December 9, 2008

Québec solidaire elects Amir Khadir in Mercier

Québec solidaire welcomes with great pride the victory of Amir Khadir in Mercier and significant breakthrough in Françoise David Gouin. Amir Khadir and Francoise David have opened a door that will be difficult to close.

"The voters of Mercier wrote a new page of history today by electing the first member of Québec solidaire. Voters in Gouin also seriously undermined what was once considered a fortress of the [Parti Québécois].

"We are convinced that this first victory is just the beginning. The evidence we have achieved significant breakthroughs in Quebec everywhere, whether in Hull, Laurier-Dorion, Sainte-Marie St-Jacques or Taschereau.

"Together, with Amir Khadir in the National Assembly and me outside, we will continue to build support for our party, so that after the next election, we are stronger in Quebec City," said spokeswoman for Quebec solidaire Françoise David.

"If Quebec is a bit more united today it is through these hundreds of thousands of voters who have decided to trust us. These Quebecers have voted for a greener Quebec, for an economy finally in the service of all and for a health system free and accessible for all. We can build this Quebec if we start now to free ourselves from the private interests that have too long dominated.

"The Charest government was narrowly re-elected with an extremely low vote. Therefore, Mr. Charest can not govern as if he had an undeniable popular support. Whenever Mr. Charest will propose projects harmful to Quebecers, [we will] propose a different policy based on solidarity, ecology and social justice, " said Amir Khadir.

Text en Français

Youtube of LJC(Q) leader Marrianne Breton Fontaine.

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