January 23, 2005

How to propose a story to Rebel Youth

Rebel Youth magazine presents coverage from youth and student writers as well as our regular contributors. We can't offer to pay you, but your story will be read by hundreds of progressive youth right across Canada.

The primary goal of our magazine is to produce a window on the struggle of the youth and students across Canada -- within the framework of progressive, socialist and pro-communist politics.

Here are some questions that we will need to know:

  • Explain the message of the piece.
  • What are your sources? 
  • Will you interview a source? 
  • Is this topic being covered in other corporate or progressive media already? If so, what is different about this proposal? 
  • Is the story going to interest readers? 
  • How many words does the author feel it will take for the story to be told? 

What: We will use your query to get a sense of your writing style, your familiarity with Rebel Youth our politics and our audience, as well as your knowledge of the subject you propose to write about.

Where: Please send proposals to rebelyouth [at] ycl-ljc [dot] ca;

How: queries and proposals are best to come as plain text in the body of an e-mail rather than an attachment;

Who: Don't forget to include your name, contact information, a brief bio and a sample of your online writing, if desired.

When: We will contact you back within a week if we are interested in your idea.

Adapted from the Rabble site.

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