March 3, 2006

Minimum Wage Lowest in 30 Years According to Recent Study:

Minimum Wage Lowest in 30 Years According to Recent Study:
Coalition Forms to Tackle Issue of Low Minimum Wage

(Vancouver, BC) Accounting inflation, minimum wage workers are paid less than 30 years ago according to recent research completed by SuperSizeMyPay.Net, a new coalition of young workers and students formed to bringing about an increase in BC’s minimum wage.

The research found that the 1976 minimum wage in British Columbia would be over $10.36 today if it had merely kept up to inflation.

SuperSizeMyPay.Net, will begin circulating a petition to eliminate the training wage and raise the minimum wage in British Columbia to $12 an hour or $10 an hour indexed to inflation.

Jason Mann said that the group would be on the streets and in BC post secondary institutions over the next coming weeks drumming up awareness and support of this issue.

“The fact is we have a problem. Even working full time, workers making minimum wage across BC find themselves living in poverty, while the fast food giants, employing workers at minimum wage are making record profits. It just doesn’t make sense”

To find out more about the campaign or signup as a volunteer please visit:

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