December 7, 2013

World Federation of Democratic Youth on the Life of Nelson Mandela

The World Federation of Democratic Youth expresses its condolences to the progressive and anti-imperialist forces, to youth and the people of South Africa for the loss of an important international figure, that of the great leader of the South African People, Nelson Mandela. 

Nelson Mandela, as a personality, managed to exceed the borders of South Africa and the African region and became a figure of international respect and recognition due to his persistence struggle and resistance to defend the imperialist machinations and unconditionally defended the revolution for a free South Africa, for democracy and social justice. 

With his figure leading the struggle of the South African people, the liberation movement managed to resist and overthrow the apartheid regime and end the racist ruling of the land of South Africa. It is worth mentioning that he remained in the list of persons who are considered terrorists until 2008, despite the universal recognition and admire towards his personality and the right of his struggle. 

Today the youth around the world recognizes his offer! His example of life long struggle, from his years as a young man in the African National Congress Youth League to the armed struggle and the prison until his liberation, shows that our struggle can be victorious with our determination and courage. 

In 2010 the World Federation of Democratic Youth organized the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students in South Africa which paid a tribute to Nelson Mandela as well as Fidel Castro, as a proof of our respect of this great fighter. 

We express once again our solidarity to the heroic people and youth of South Africa and we re-affirm our strong support towards the member organizations of WFDY in the country, the ANC Youth League and the Young Communist League. 

CC/HQ of WFDY - Quito, Ecuador - December 6th

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