August 8, 2010

On the 65 years of US nuclear attack to Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Statement of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (translated into English)

Today is the day August 6; the nuclear weapon is used in war leaving death of about 150000 people in Hiroshima and later on 80000 people in Nagasaki with its devastating effects.

There is no justification of this weapon who used then, amassed in their artillery more since then, and deserve proud of having it, and trying to acquire now– is just to invite incalculable catastrophe against humanity.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth has always raised this concern very strongly. Whilst we born struggling against Nazi brutality of war against humanity we always lauded our voice high for denuclearization and disarmament of whole world at the same time. Here the question pertains not about who were allied and who frayed, but an issue revolves around why war, what sort of war and war against whom.

The 2nd World Festival of Youth and Students in Prague has commemorated the Hiroshima Day not to see such man made catastrophe again by coming generations. The World Federation of Democratic Youth is going to have its 17th World Festival of Youth and Students in coming December in Johannesburg, South Africa. In the festival we have a tribunal against use of Nuclear Bomb that is to raise our voice for denuclearization and disarmament of whole world.

It goes really beyond our thinking level about the stock of Nuclear weapons piled by the USA and the former soviet countries and others later on- to create hegemony or in the name of global balance of power or security! We know the countries must have their calculation that how many times they can destroy this world into pieces as the US has it’s already experience of using it in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Soviet Union had self-faced with Chernobyl disaster. More than 25000 nuclear weapons almost each with 16 times more powerful than the blasted one in Hiroshima are still there at launch pad and in artilleries coupling with devastating H-Bombs. This process has triggered to dispose trillions of dolor of resources against humanity that could be in urgent need to fight against poverty, hunger, environment crisis, AIDS etc in the world.

The tiresome saying about the responsibility of holding nuclear weapons and their much afraid if it goes in hand of non-state actors or for terrorist attack is much highlighted. WFDY agrees that this application could be serious. However, the non proliferation of nuclear weapon could effectively applicable only if the doctrine of world security could rely on the mutual understanding among countries for the world peace and progress. If the imperialist policy under the US leadership goes on its way of preemptive doctrine of attack even after end of cold war sidelining all the countries and UN Mechanism, the wish of non-proliferation will always be other facet of doctrine to maintain just hegemony.

The WFDY is always against proliferation of nuclear weapons. To summon this task the world community must come up with higher level of agreement to eliminate those weapons from everywhere in the world.

On this Hiroshima Day we express our solidarity with the victims and survivors of nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We memorize this day not to come again in the life of coming generation anywhere in the world. We reaffirm our commitment to struggle for safer-world free from all nuclear weapons in the world and join hands in hands with our member organizations in Japan and with all others who are struggling for this great cause of humanity.

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