October 11, 2012

Maintaining the health tax: Québec solidaire deplores the government's about-face

Québec solidaire deplores the Government's decision to renege on its commitment to eliminate the health tax in an almost complete about-face.

"We find that the government has dropped this demand very quickly; Marois (gave-in) to the emotional blackmail by the Chamber of Commerce and their faithful mouthpieces -- the other opposition parties. Now applied more gradually, this tax (remains) a full frontal attack on the middle class and workers who pay a lot of taxes for fewer public services, " said Françoise David, MP Gouin.

For example, a person who has a net income of $ 20,000 will pay $ 200 this year and $ 100 in the future. "A person of $ 20,000 of income is not rich!" said Ms. David.

QS are upset by the timidity of the government, who will add only one level of taxation for higher net worth individuals. This new level is a meagre increase of 1.75% marginal tax rate, for income above $ 100,000. QS also regrets that the Minister of Finance has abandoned the idea of ​​reducing tax credits on capital gains and dividends.

Rather than measures that affect individuals, Amir Khadir, MNA for Mercier, invites the Government to get more revenue from large corporations and financial institutions.

"Billions are awarded their grants and benefits of all kinds, their tax rate is very low and billions more escape into tax havens. The government could very quickly make some room to move in the budget by ending the tax complacency towards the very wealthy, "said Mr. Khadir.

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