August 6, 2009

CD Review: Reflection! Rage! Rebellion!

The Class War Kids
Reflection! Rage! Rebellion!
Rebel Time Records

The Class War Kids are a political punk group from Newfoundland who play upbeat yet aggressive activist rallying cries. Building on their last album, The Class War Kids seem to have found a perfect mix of music and message in their new album “Reflection! Rage! Rebellion!”

Fan’s of bands like The Rebel Spell, D.O.A., Anti-Flag, and Propagandhi will love this. It’s fourteen songs of resistance with healthy doses of humor and anger packed into just over half an hour.

Favorite tracks include Policeman, Cherry Poppin’ Conservatives, Riot 2010. Check them out on Myspace and order “Reflection! Rage! Rebellion! from Rebel Time Records now!
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