June 6, 2012

Member of Quebec National Assembly arrested

The member for Quebec Solidaire was arrested and handcuffed for marching with peaceful citizens in absurd gesture of the Quebec police, the left-wing political party said earlier today.

Note: since this article was released the police have raided and searched Khadir's Montreal home and paraded her daughter and boyfriend out the front door in handcuffs under the eyes of the media.

Like many protesters and peaceful demonstrators, Amir Khadir was arrested during a  casseroles walk which was declared illegal by police in Quebec.

The 65 people arrested by the Police Service of Quebec will be fined $ 494 for violating section 500.1 of the Highway Safety Code.

"Decidedly, ridicule does not kill! A deputy arrested and handcuffed while participating in a peaceful march like so many others that take place every night in several cities in Quebec! Do the police in the National Capital have nothing better to do? " asked Fran├žoise David, president and spokesperson for QS.  "I was involved myself in several pots and pans walks as well as that of May 22. Other politicians and celebrities have as well. Why this police intervention while everything went well in the streets of Quebec? " added Ms. David.

"It is clear these days that the laws are not enforced in the same way for everyone. ... The police punish the protesters and demonstrators protesting against an unjust law and arbitrary, and them, they are arrested. The people of Quebec is right to be alarmed by such a two-tiered justice and we must continue to demonstrate our disapproval," concluded Ms. David.

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