May 16, 2012

Quebec struggle receives international support

Student associations from Chile, who are in a major struggle for almost a year now, wrote this week to Quebec CEGEP students and academics. Chilean students are critical of the "neoliberal policies" of the government of Jean Charest. Camila Vallejo, one of the leaders of the Chilean student movement, encourages students from Quebec. "When we defend the right to free public education to serve the people and their needs, we confront the big fish that refuse to let us go in that direction. And this is where we must be smarter, more intelligent, more committed, more so, to avoid falling into the game and the strategy of those who would divide us, frighten us... I invite you to continue with strength, "she said. A representative of the Continental Organization of Latin American and Caribbean students said for his part, about "Maple Spring", nickname of Quebec movement: "They can cut the leaves, they will not stop the spring. " 

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