May 10, 2012

Quebec solidaire calls for independent inquiry into police riot at Victoriaville

Amir Khadir, member of the Quebec National Assembly filed a motion yesterday demanding a public inquiry into the events at Victoriaville this past Friday.

Victoriaville was the seen of a major confrontation and what some have called a police riot as the Quebec provincial police (SQ) used so-called "non-lethal" ammunition against a demonstration of labour, community and student protesters to ensure the security of a meeting of the Quebec Liberal Party.

The motion called for "an independent public inquiry of any link with police to shed light on the causes of serious injuries suffered by citizens at the event." At least three people were injured in the head and face by hard plastic balls. This type of ammunition is responsible for several deaths across the world.

"The SQ was mired in a difficult situation in Victoriaville, that's undeniable. But the role of law enforcement is to ensure public protection. How is it that their intervention has resulted in severe injuries on young people?" Amir Khadir asked.

"A person with gunshot to the head from a hard plastic bullet? maybe an accident. Two people, well that is a troubling coincidence. But when more than three people receive shots to the head, or face, by such ammunition -- there is clearly a problem. An independent investigation should shed light on all the events. [...]  Khadir said, asking `[w]ho gave the orders?"

Regarding the Black Bloc tactics used by some protesters at the demo, Quebec Solidaire stated "The acts of a minority does not allow for all police forces to attack indiscriminately on peaceful protesters who have rights in a democratic society."

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