April 27, 2012

The CLASSE resolution on violence

1) That the CLASSE actively defend the principle of civil disobedience and the [broader] action that underlies it, without being separated;
2) That the CLASSE recalls that civil disobedience is not of violence or intimidation;
3) That the CLASSE condemns deliberate physical violence against persons except in self-defense;
4) That the CLASSE condemns police violence and institutional violence suffered systematically by students, including discrimination in access to education because of socio-economic criteria, injunctions harassing the right to strike and freedom of association , humiliation, intimidation, and violent repression by the security forces and government;
5) That the CLASSE emphasizes that these actions are the consequences of the intransigence of the Charest government [...] and it reiterates the positive contribution of the actions of economic disruption and occupations that have contributed greatly to the strength of the movement;
6) In this sense the CLASSE demands to be included in any negotiation with the government because it is a part of this strike, as well as the other student organizations;
7) That the CLASSE considers that it is time to close public debate on this issue;
8) That in the event, despite this position, the Quebec government still refuses to include the CLASSE in the discussions, the CLASSE will take note of the government's inability to resolve the current crisis;
9) That the media committee of the CLASSE be mandated to announce this position as soon as possible;
10) That the CLASSE emphasizes the legitimacy of direct democracy, exercised such a general meeting [as today];
11) That the spokespeople point out that the votes taken by show of hands in the assembly are not an example of bullying, but rather the affirmation of a willingness of members to proceed this way.

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