January 24, 2012

Statement of the Press Office on the Decision of the EU for an embargo on Iran’s oil

USS Abraham Lincon off the shores of Iran
The decision of the governments of the EU to impose an embargo on Iran’s oil constitutes an extremely aggressive act. It is outrageously brazen for the EU, some of whose countries possess nuclear weapons, to use, along with the USA, Iran’s nuclear research as a pretext, in order to impose their imperialist demands.

The agreement of the Greek government to the embargo constitutes open support for the aggressive plans of the EU against the people of Iran and marks the deeper involvement of the country in the imperialist rivalries and wars. This is reinforced by the development of the military cooperation with the aggressive state of Israel which possesses nuclear weapons with the support of the USA and the EU.
The people must condemn the provocative acts of aggression of the EU and the position of the Greek government. The struggle of the people against the barbaric measures of the government and Troika must be combined with the struggle for the disengagement of the country from the imperialist organizations, their interventions and the wars that they bring.

The KKE calls on the workers, the self-employed, the youth and the women in an all-people’s rally with the following line: End to the sacrifices for the interests of the monopolies. The people should become neither victimizer nor victim in the imperialist war.

Athens 23/1/2012
The Press Office of the CC of the KKE

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